Pediatric Skin Conditions


Warts are a skin lesion, resembling a bump or series of bumps. They are caused by a virus entering the skin and inducing a change in the structure of the layers of the skin. Children are at risk for warts due to increased moisture on their feet. Warts can feel like you are walking on a lump. They can also be painful if you bump or rub them.

Warts are notoriously difficult to treat at home. An early visit to a foot and ankle specialist can cut down the length of treatment dramatically, often without any scarring or painful freezing or burning. At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, our treatment focuses on eliminating warts with minimal pain and minimal disruption. Most warts are responsive to in-office treatment. In some cases, a minor laser procedure may be required to obtain complete resolution.

One of the most important considerations in treating warts is minimizing pain and discomfort. At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we always take into consideration the location and duration of warts. Our specialists work to ensure that a wart is not replaced with a painful scar that can sometimes be more bothersome than the wart ever was. For this reason, we always attempt conservative treatment prior to any invasive procedure. Our goal is to eliminate the wart quickly with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Ingrown Toenails

Painful ingrown nails are a common occurrence, especially in those who are active. The cause of the problem often lies close to the root of the nail, which is much deeper than a patient can see at home. An ingrown nail occurs when a portion of the nail becomes impacted into the skin along the edge of the nail. This typically occurs at the side of the nail but can also present at the bottom or at the tip of the nail. Ingrown nails can be extremely sensitive to the touch. Even slight bumps or shoe pressure can be painful. In severe cases, a patient may have redness, swelling or even drainage around the affected area.

It is important to treat ingrown nails early and properly before any serious infection occurs. Our specialists are able to address ingrown nails quickly during an office visit. In many cases, the condition can be corrected with minimal discomfort in less than 10 minutes, getting you back on your feet the same day.

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