Diabetic Limb Salvage

There are cases where either infection or lack of early treatment can potentially lead to worst-case scenarios for patients with wounds or deformities. Previous treatment by another health care provider may have failed to achieve its intended outcome. Serious infection may have caused significant damage to a limb. The patient may have been given a dire prognosis regarding the affected limb from another physician.

At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we are proud to offer an advanced limb salvage surgical team dedicated to addressing these difficult scenarios. In many instances, our limb salvage surgical team can stabilize the situation and prevent amputation.

Each limb salvage case is unique, requiring a high degree of experience and careful planning. We take each individual limb salvage and reconstruction case very seriously. In every case, we develop a custom surgical plan that is designed to meet the needs of the individual patient. We work closely with our patients to ensure that they are educated and informed about every step of the process.

These cases frequently require use of digital radiography and 3D CT reconstructions for surgical planning. At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we employ the most advanced surgical techniques available to help our patients heal and get back to enjoying life.

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