Custom Diabetic Foot Inserts

We frequently utilize the diabetic extra depth shoe and custom insert program, which allows each patient access to specialty shoes and three sets of custom foot inserts. In many cases, these are provided at no cost to the patient. The diabetic shoes range from stylish dress shoes and active shoes to specialty shoes that accommodate for swelling or are hinged for easy foot access.

The customized inserts are made specifically for each patient’s foot. First, a custom mold of the foot is taken in our office, and a prescription is made based on the patient’s foot structure, specific needs and medical history. The custom inserts are then fabricated with a supportive base layer, which provides optimized support to the joint of the foot. A bi-layered top cover on the insert is applied to reduce friction, minimize shearing forces and prevent damage to the patient’s skin. The result is a supportive, yet extremely comfortable custom insert.

With this program, we are able to provide customized support and patient-specific risk area offloading, resulting in the prevention of foot ulcers or pressure sores. This program is a valuable tool in helping patients avoid problems that can turn into serious medical issues.

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