Surgical Revisions

Surgical Revisions

Every surgical procedure entails some amount of risk. On occasion, we see patients whose surgeries or recovery have not gone as planned. Their post-surgical outcomes have been unfavorable. In some instances, the patient has suffered an accidental injury during the immediate post-operative period or developed complications due to infection. In other cases, the patient fails to heal properly due to underlying health issues or mechanical error. The upshot of these unfortunate situations is that the outcome for the patient is unsatisfactory. He or she may be experiencing pain, may be lacking function, or may be disappointed with the cosmetic appearance of the affected area. The patient may be understandably upset and looking for help to resolve or correct the problem.

These situations can be challenging, but it is our goal at Kipferl Foot & Ankle to work with these patients to deliver the best possible outcome. We recognize how frustrating this can be for a patient, who has put his or her trust in a surgeon, only to be let down when the end result is unsatisfactory. Patients often come to us, looking for an expert surgeon who can recommend a different approach that will resolve their issues.

At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we understand that frustration. We approach each reconstructive surgery case with compassion and understanding. We realize that we cannot build a relationship of trust between doctor and physician without taking the time to listen, gather all of the facts, review those facts, and spend time with the patient and family to answer questions and explore each option. We truly want our patients to understand their current condition and our recommendations for addressing the unsatisfactory outcome from the previous surgery. It is our goal to make sure that each patient has a thorough understanding of the revision procedure we are recommending, as well a clear understanding of the plan for rehabilitation and long-term care.

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