Fractures are a break in the hard, outermost shell of a bone. Foot fractures occur most frequently with falls or accidents, are typically very painful and are usually accompanied by bruising, swelling and throbbing pain. However, there are times when a fracture may be subtle and the patient may not immediately exhibit the classic symptoms of a fracture.

Definitive diagnosis can be made at Kipferl Foot & Ankle using our in-office digital radiography. Proper treatment varies depending on the fracture itself. Most fractures of the foot can be treated without surgery. Many fractures can be treated with a cast or a walking boot for a prescribed period of time. More severe fractures may require surgery to put the broken pieces of bone back together to allow for proper healing.

Our surgeons have extensive experience treating all different types of fractures of the foot and ankle, both those that require surgery and those that do not. Using digital radiography, we are able to measure out and carefully plan for any procedures that may be required, as well as measure bone healing. Patients can feel relaxed and confident, knowing that they are receiving the best recommendations and care thanks to the years of experience and top-level training that our physicians bring to the table. If surgery is required, our patients can take comfort in the knowledge that our surgeons are up to date in the latest techniques that will result in the speediest recovery possible.

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