High Definition Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Until recently, patients who needed ultrasound needed to obtain a prescription, then schedule an appointment and travel to an outpatient facility or hospital-based radiology department. After the ultrasound was completed, the patient then needed to schedule another appointment with a specialist and return for a follow-up to discuss the results of the ultrasound. Now, however, Kipferl Foot & Ankle offers in-office ultrasound imaging, which eliminates the need to schedule separate appointments.

Our ultrasound technology meets the highest standards in imaging capabilities. Using table-based portable ultrasound units, we can quickly and easily conduct the imaging studies needed to complete a proper diagnosis. Using high definition ultrasound, we can identify soft tissue, tendon and joint problems with extreme precision. We can store and save images and video clips and obtain precise measurements of any areas that are damaged or appear abnormal. All of the surgeons at Kipferl Foot & Ankle are trained in the use of this technology and have experience reading and interpreting the results. This evolution results in quicker diagnosis and a cost savings for our patients. Most importantly, however, it means that we are able to get our patients on the road to recovery more quickly.

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