hammertoeHammertoes can manifest in two ways. They can either appear as a progressive contracting of the toes or as an enlarging bump on the top of a toe or toes. They are frequently associated with the development of corns and calluses and can cause pain in the tips of the toes.

Hammertoes are caused by excessive tightness of the tendons in the foot. They can quickly progress to arthritis in the joints of the toes. At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we can typically confirm a hammertoe diagnosis using our in-office digital radiography.

Mild hammertoe conditions can often be treated with strapping, splinting, custom orthoses, and oral or topical anti-inflammatory medications. Hammertoes that do not respond to these conservative measures can be repaired through an outpatient procedure in our office. In many cases, patients can walk out following the procedures. The return to normal activity can be quick.

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