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Patient Testimonials

I have had extreme foot pain for several years. I had injections from 2 different podiatrists prior to seeing Dr K. I was at the point were I walked in and requested surgery for a bone spur removal and plantar faciitis. After having listening with the most educated and experienced information from Dr Kipferl.
I finally understood the process and the corrections necessary to having a normal pain free life-Dr Kipferl is not only kind, but also EXTREMELY understanding as to foot pain frustrations. He suggested having insoles made. WOW!! I CAN WALK PAIN FREE!!! I have returned to my working out regiment and running like before the foot pain- I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!!
– Deneen Oltz
After hearing so many horror stories of bunion surgery – I put it off until I could no longer do so. Dr. Kipferl was GREAT. He explained everything that would be happening and let me know the timeline it would take. Plus-and this is a biggy-I did not experience any pain throughout the entire time. Yep—I’m a happy camper!
– Shirley Eckert
Let me start by saying Dr. Kipferl is an amazing Dr.!After a very unsuccessful bunionectomy with another Dr., I went to Dr. Kipferl. After examining my xrays, he said he felt like he really needed to help me. Thankfully he did just that. He was so compassionate and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I cant’t thank you enough Dr. Kipferl!
– Cindy Gale
Dr. Kipferl is an excellent doctor and I would highly recommend him. He takes the time to explain and show you in terms you can understand. He is compassionate and makes you feel confident before and after surgery. Thank you to you and your staff for a very good outlook on my recovery.
– Anna Dettmer
I have been to Dr. Kipferl to get orthotics and a bunionectomy on my right foot. He did a great job with my surgery and followup care. He is very straightforward and tells you exactly what to expect. Also the staff at the desk is extremely helpful in explaining the insurance and payment process, which can be so confusing! I’ll be back to see him in the fall for my left foot. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Kipferl was phenomenal! During the pre and post-op care for my last surgery (neuroma & bunion), he was kind and treated me with genuine concern. I would highly recommend Dr. Kipferl!
– Dana P.
Dr. Epstein was awesome with my 14 year old son. He had to have an in-grown toe nail removed and was super nervous. He put his mind at ease and told funny stories to help him relax. Great Dr
– Jenny
Dr Robert Kipferl performed surgery on both of my feet for bunions and one foot had a hammer toe. I am very happy with his continual guidance during my office visits while I was recovering. I would highly recommend for these types of foot issues.
– Marcia S.
I was suffering from hallux rigidus, and had a large neuroma between my 3rd and 4th toe. In December 2013 I had Dr. Robert Kipferl perform surgery to clean up the large joint and remove the neuroma. The procedure went very well, and I’m recovering quickly. I experienced virtually no pain, and have been following his instructions and guidance throughout to ensure a successful outcome. He was hands-on, and spent the time to explain and discuss all facets of the procedure and recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Kipferl.
– James B.
Dr. Kipferl performed bilateral bunioneictomies this past fall for me. The procedure and experience were positive, with a successful outcome. He and his staff are extremely professional, supportive, and truly compassionate. Dr. Kipferl is truly an advocate for his patient’s and I would highly recommend his expertise in any area of Podiatry. Amazing physician!
– Elizabeth

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