Custom Orthotics & Bracing

We provide a variety of custom orthotics and bracing options to help support the structure and function of your foot or ankle, minimizing damage to the joints, muscles and tendons. Bracing and orthotics are oftentimes used by athletes to prevent injury and optimize performance, and are also used during injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Bracing and orthotics can be highly effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions in which damage has occurred in the tendons or joints. In many situations, they can eliminate the need for surgical repair of the damage. They accomplish this by providing support to the foot and ankle, allowing tissue to heal.

All of our custom orthotic and bracing options are specifically made for use in the shoes our patients already own. They are made of ultra-lightweight materials that provide excellent support and protection with minimal bulk. Children with high or low arches frequently benefit from the use of custom orthotics or bracing. These custom devices are built to address each patient’s specific anatomy and allow for proper growth and development.

Moore Balance Braces are a unique tool at our disposal. These specialized braces help patients who have balance issues or concerns about falling by giving them a more stable base on which to stand. These braces fit into the patient’s own shoes, providing support to the ankle and the subtalar joint to reduce postural sway. This helps patients who have balance issues or difficulty walking to maintain their independence, continue therapy, and stay as active as possible.

Custom-fabricated braces also can help patients with arthritic conditions or deformities avoid surgical reconstruction. These braces are slim enough to fit into the patient’s shoes, even dress shoes! At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, our goal is always to find a bracing solution that works for the patient’s specific lifestyle requirements.

Orthotics are available for patients who have instability in the foot resulting in pain, a change in arch height, or a lesion that requires offloading. They are custom-made for each patient and are designed to provide increased stability and customized support to reduce pain and relieve excess pressure on the joints of the foot and ankle. Our staff works closely with insurers to ensure coverage of these devices.

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