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Wound care has evolved dramatically in recent years from a technological standpoint. Our specialists are well versed in today’s most advanced treatment modalities. No two patients are the same. And no single formula works for everyone. For these reasons, our specialists customize a wound care program based on each patient’s history and unique clinical presentation.

At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we are excited to offer our patients access to the most groundbreaking wound care products, treatments and techniques available today. From placental membrane allografts to skin substitutes, growth factors, and custom topical compounds, we have a solution for each patient’s specific need.

Placental membrane allografts are one of the most promising new technologies. This procedure uses placental donations from cross-checked donors to create regenerative tissue product. These allografts can initiate change in the makeup of a wound by spurring growth factors and cells to build new tissue and quickly close a patient’s wound.

You may be a candidate for advanced wound care treatment if you have a longstanding foot ulcer that has not responded to traditional wound care techniques. At Kipferl Foot & Ankle, we work with many patients who have grown frustrated with the lack of improvement from traditional techniques. With the application of these new advanced therapies, we are able to heal many wounds faster than ever thanks to the innovative technologies now available to us.

Our physicians will work closely with you to develop a wound care protocol that meets your specific needs. We work hand in hand to help patients understand what to expect and how they can facilitate the healing process. Our goal is to make sure patients have the education and support they need to achieve success.

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